I See a Future for You in Audiobooks

Loren Eaton offers three reasons for new and established authors to have their work recorded into audiobooks.

“Most audiobook listeners are affluent professionals with plenty of time available during their commutes, and such availability is reflected in the sales numbers. A recent report from the American Association of Publishers shows that downloadable audiobooks are the industry’s fastest-growing segment.”

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Commuters are a growing demographic for audiobooks.


3 thoughts on “I See a Future for You in Audiobooks”

  1. Well said Fil, I totally agree with your concern that most of the audiobooks listeners are professionals, who love to listen books whenever they are travelling from one place to another or working on multiple tasks at a single time. I am also an IT professional and love to listen best selling audiobooks of my favorite authors while working on office or driving the car. It not only refresh my mood also help me to feel fresh all the time.

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