6 thoughts on “What Does ‘Christian Writing’ Look Like?”

  1. I apologize for posting this here, since it doesn’t regard the post, but as a reader of Lovecraft, I was wondering what prompted the quotation of Lovecraft in the masthead.

    It’s a particular coincidence for me that it should appear here, since I don’t frequent many sites and the piece in question (Notes on Writing…) was recently reprinted on a website where I contribute and edit (Fantastic Horror).

  2. If anyone’s interested Tim Powers was interviewed in the recent issue of Locus. I enjoyed the interview a lot… especially the way he types his way out of problems. (Incidentally; not too long ago they interviewed a guy named John Wright.)

    – they also did an interview with the new editor at Baen books. (Appears she’s married to guy who makes swords Lars :=)

  3. John, I thought to tell you the other day, but I didn’t. I found the horror site through your links and thought the Lovecraft piece made for some good quotes. I almost linked to the site as a source, but thought better of it. So thanks for the quote source.

    BTW, “How to Write Horror Fiction” by Jack Faber is crazy. I almost quoted from it too, but I couldn’t do it. So, are you Jack Faber, commenting under the name John Wright, or are you . . . something else?

  4. You’re welcome for the source, and I’m glad you enjoyed Lovecraft.

    Yes, “How to Write Horror Fiction” is mine (Faber is a pseudonym). It’s just a bit of a squib that might have been written about fiction in general. You’re welcome to quote from it, of course, if you find it worth quoting.

    Searider–I imagine the John Wright interviewed was John C. Wright, the science fiction writer who wrote the Golden Age trilogy. He’s a very talented writer, although I disagree with him about many things and was less pleased by his Everness series than by the Golden Age. Nonetheless, the latter is a significant imaginative work, worthy of the attention of anyone interested in ideas, excellent prose and fine ornamentation.

  5. Searider: That would be Toni Weiskopf, I think (though I keep mixing her up with Marla Ainspan). When I was in communication with her, she was dating Hank Reinhart, founder of Museum Replicas, Ltd., of Atlanta, one of my favorite businesses in the whole world. My “show” Viking sword, my helmet and the boss of my “show” shield all come from MRL.

  6. Lars; the lady’s name was Toni W.

    – I might have mentioned this before; but if you want to get some idea of where the best of sf is these days, try vol. 1. of the Golden Age trilogy. I’d been away from sf for a few years when I read it, and it (I hate to date myself) totally blew me away. (And the ending is a classic.)

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