Mickey Spillane, 1918-2006

Mickey Spillane, 88, recipient of lifetime achievement awards from the Mystery Writers of America and the Private Eye Writers of America, died today in his hometown, Murrells Inlet, SC. His first novel, “I, the Jury,” starring Mike Hammer, was published in 1946.

The AP reports: “Spillane, a bearish man who wrote on an old manual Smith Corona, always claimed he didn’t care about reviews. He considered himself a ‘writer’ as opposed to an ‘author,’ defining a writer as someone whose books sell.”

2 thoughts on “Mickey Spillane, 1918-2006”

  1. Warning: once again I shall speak ill of the dead.

    I read one Spillane novel. When it was done I thought, “I don’t even want to know about the guy who wrote this.” And I never read another.

  2. well, I didn’t get a good impression of his writing while looking at the barely-to-non-clothed women on some of his book covers or the couple excerpts in the article, so I’m with you on this.

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