Crime Fiction Returning to Cozies

A hundred years ago, Agatha Christie wrote her first novel, which featured her Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Today,  Sophie Hannah is writing Poirot’s cases and the crime genre as a whole is returning to the type of story Christie helped popularize. The Guardian asks:

Why does crime’s golden era continue to exert such a pull? Hannah says it’s largely down to our desire to be entertained.

“I think the resurgence in the popularity of golden age crime fiction is partly down to the fact that we do, at some level, like to have that satisfaction of having a story told to us in a very overtly story-like way,” she says. “Inherent in golden age crime writing is the message: ‘This is a great story and you will have fun reading it’.”

One thought on “Crime Fiction Returning to Cozies”

  1. I think it has a lot to do with increasing sexual polarization in the mystery/thriller category. Mysteries are becoming a women’s domain, while thrillers belong to men. I don’t like this trend, because I love mysteries, but don’t care much for cozies.

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