The Struggling Farmer

“This story is important to me because people in America aren’t aware that black farmers are still around,” Mr. Santiago said. “People don’t know what their struggles are and that they are still being discriminated against. For the most part, whether they are black or white, the farmers get pushed down and end up having to sell their properties because they can’t get loans. Small farms are denied because they don’t usually have any collateral to get a loan. Through my research I’ve learned if you’re looking for stolen black land, all you have to do is follow the lynching trail. That’s how it started to happen. Black farmers were killed for their land.”

4 thoughts on “The Struggling Farmer”

  1. Well speaking of stolen… If you are going steal copyrighted content for your blog you should at least try to remove the watermark and learn what the term “all rights reserved ” means. Do you know anything about copyright or publishing?? We have the infringement documented . My only question at this point is where do we send the invoice…

  2. I saw this first on Twitter, so I replied to you there. I understand what copyright means, and your image is marked as having all rights reserved, but all levels of sharing were also enabled. Many fully copyrighted images on Flickr only allow you to link to them. Yours allows sharing. As you say, if I had wanted to steal it, I would have downloaded it and altered it, but I didn’t want to steal it. I wanted to share it with all proper credit given back to you.

    1. Well, I explained that above. I used the Flickr sharing options, thinking you were okay with that. It’s contradictory to have all rights reserved and all sharing available, but I’m sorry. I’ve removed the image, and I won’t do it again.

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