Denying Christ, with a smile

A while back I wrote a post in which I predicted, somewhat audaciously, that the mainline Protestant churches will eventually convert en masse to Islam, since social pressure will be great, and their current beliefs about Jesus aren’t really that different from those of Muslims.

An intelligent commenter who called him/herself “MainlineProtestantWhoLovesJesus” objected that I was caricaturing the mainline churches, and oversimplifying.

In rebuttal, I offer the video at this link (I can’t find a way to embed it).

If you don’t care to click the link, let me summarize. This is a video produced officially by the very liberal United Church of Christ. In it, three smiling clergypeople — a UCC minister, a rabbi, and an imam — switch their vestments. Then they preach in the others’ houses of worship. Their sermons are exactly the same. All the listeners are pleased.

The video ends with the message, “The things that unite us are greater than the things that divide us.”

They do not note (or do not care) that the major thing that divides us from Muslims and Jews is Jesus Christ, risen Savior and Lord.

The inescapable message is that to them, Jesus Christ is a secondary “thing.”

That is plain apostasy.

Now explain to me how a church that believes this way will never convert to Islam.

3 thoughts on “Denying Christ, with a smile”

  1. Muslims are very strict about their moral code. We may not agree with their moral code, but they “mind their manners” as dictated to them by their imams and the Koran. Two stumbling blocks liberal gatherings like the UCC would have are the place of women and homosexuality. I wonder if those are insurmountable hurdles for them.

  2. We are justified in His blood (Rom. 5:9).

    Islam says He didn’t shed it. It thereby strikes at the very heart of the faith, denies that God has come in the flesh, and is thereby exposed as of Antichrist. Churches advocating arm-in-arm fellowship with Islam are of the same spirit.

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