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I corresponded with Ken McCardell of BibleRhymes this week about his company which producing illustrated Bible stories in verse. Here’s what he says about his experience in publishing.

Hardcover versions of BibleRhymes’ Creation are in stock and ready for shipment with releases scheduled in October for BibleRhymes’ Noah and the Ark and BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story. 15-20 books are anticipated for the BibleRhymes series.

Though much research was done in regards to publishers, both Christian and secular, to maintain our vision and quality standards it was appropriate to establish BibleRhymes Publishing.

. . . Developing our books thus far has been simply a pleasure. To watch the evolution of BibleRhymes from the first poem to the first sketch to incorporation of the publishing company has been a tremendous learning experience that has allowed me to meet some of the most caring people imaginable.

Though frustrations pop up when stories need to be reworked to flow more smoothly or illustrations retouched to please the pickiest of critics, it has led us in the right direction. As with all things, continuous improvement can be made and the overwhelming feeling of self-publishing can disappear. Now as we continue to develop our series of books, I anxiously await each new illustration that comes out for my approval. The BibleRhymes illustrator, Antonella Chirco, has brought smiles to many people with her creativity shining through in her work.

For others contemplating book publishing, though there are a myriad of pieces to the puzzle, a key is the development of a relationship with a quality printing company. This may seem too basic to mention yet I must stress the importance of it. To have a book come out truly representing the original artwork, to have time schedules met, to even have all of the pages show up in the right order, contracting the correct printing company can make all the difference in the world, and it can alleviate countless headaches.

After the books are produced and warehoused and awaiting shipment, that’s when a whole new set of challenges show their faces. Marketing is one of the most challenging and important parts of book publishing. . . . [it] encompasses everything from designing eye catching business logos to setting up a quality website to being available for podcast, radio, newspaper and television interviews. A budget needs to be set up for trade-shows, book fairs or whatever events can bring an author/illustrator or publisher to their desired markets. But there is good news to go with all of the challenges. Once the first interview has been completed, the first sales call has been made, the first book signing has taken place … the rest get easier.

Publishing is like a walk in the forest. Many paths can lead to bumps and bruises and will make you turn around and look for a better route. But the route to success is there and if you’re willing to keep trying, the walk in the forest can lead you to the top of a hill where there’s nothing but sunshine and flowers.

Download the first book as an animated e-book from his website. I showed it to my girls, and they liked it well enough. Hard to say more than that.

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