Killing Cupid

I haven’t written for The American Spectator much recently, because – frankly – I’m having trouble finding anything to say. Mere anarchy, it seems to me, has been unleashed upon the world, and it’s hard to find a side to defend.

But Robert Stacy McCain is a braver man than I, and he wrote a piece for Valentine’s Day that I wish I’d written. Instead, I linked to it on Facebook. I quoted the following passage there:

Of course, even if a young woman today did want Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet, he might be afraid to attempt it. If he admired Cinderella’s beauty, feminists would condemn Prince Charming for objectifying her with the “male gaze.” If a man talks to a woman, whatever he says is denounced by feminists as “mansplaining.” Any man who attempts to initiate a romantic relationship with a woman is guilty of “harassment,” according to feminism, and any expectation that a woman might enjoy sexual activity with a man is “rape culture.”

This excerpt may have been poorly chosen by me. A number of the people who commented on the link assumed I’d chosen it primarily to complain about the fact that I can’t get a date. I can understand the mistake – my almost magically pathetic love life is of course one of the most noticeable things about me.

Maybe I should have quoted the following paragraph, which I almost chose instead:

Feminists enjoy humiliating men, and gloat about inflicting pain on them: “I Bathe in Male Tears,” as Jessica Valenti proudly boasts. These feminist fantasies of sadistic revenge are “empowered” by federal Title IX law which the Obama administration turned into a weapon against male college students. A lawsuit against Rolling Stone for its discredited 2014 story about a rape hoax at the University of Virginia uncovered emails from a member of a White House Task Force discussing plans to “get punitive action against the fraternity” that was falsely accused. Rolling Stone, which has already been hit with a $3 million lawsuit verdict in that case, now faces another lawsuit from members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. More than 100 other male students have sued their universities over what they say were false rape accusations. Considering how the Obama administration deprived young men of their due-process rights on campus, and how loudly feminists voice their loathing of men (e.g., Ashley Judd’s deranged “Nasty Woman” protest rant last month), no one should be surprised that the feminist blogger finds herself alone and unloved on Valentine’s Day.

My concern wasn’t for my own lonely old age. My story is told. My concern was for the young men coming of age today, who are discriminated against in education, taught to hate themselves, and subjected to star chamber justice. It might not be too late for them. Somewhere out there, there are probably a few young women who’d like to meet a nice guy who can stand up straight.

4 thoughts on “Killing Cupid”

  1. Being pressured to go to trade school instead of college may be pro-male discrimination. Most college degrees are just useless debt these days.

    1. In many cases, trade school is a superior choice for the individual male (or sometimes female). The problem is that people who go to trade schools don’t generally go on to leadership positions in our society. We are training an elite class that is primarily female and uniformly hostile to men.

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