"Better new friend than an old foe."

- Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene
Keeping the Art Behind Closed Doors

Carlos Whittaker says, "In a society where people are now making art for the sake of fame as opposed to for the sake of art, this is the most refreshing documentary trailer I’ve seen in years. So many of us are pushed through the funnel of social media to create art for the sake of likes."

He shares a curious trailer about a woman who kept her street photography in boxes behind a locked door, and then invites readers to share their secret arts.


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Comments on "Keeping the Art Behind Closed Doors":
1. Isaac - 02/21/2013 3:38 pm EST

Doesn't sharing a secret art mean that it's no longer secret?

That said, letting me know about the art so I can enjoy it (for I am a selfish creature who would not forgo this pleasure) without also giving the artist corrupting fame is a knotty problem. Perhaps we should call for the creation of a society of documentary vernacular art-historian burglars, who break into secret drawers of art and publish it anonymously.

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