"I rarely read any Latin, Greek, German, Italian, sometimes not a French book, in the original, which I can procure in a good version. I like to be beholden to the great metropolitan English speech, the sea which receives tributaries from every region under heaven. I should as soon think of swimming across Charles River when I wish to go to Boston, as of reading all my books in originals when I have them rendered for me in my mother tongue."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Books"
Moving pictures. Are they here to stay?

A couple videos for you tonight.

First of all, somebody in a P.G. Wodehouse fan group on Facebook embedded this, the only known surviving episode of the Ian Carmichael/Dennis Price BBC series on Jeeves and Wooster.

Some of you people as old as I am may recall Carmichael as an inspired (though slightly overaged) Lord Peter Wimsey back in the '70s. Since Lord Peter and Bunter are pretty much interchangeable with Bertie and Jeeves, he's naturally perfect in this role (no disrespect to Hugh Laurie, who was great in another way).

But Dennis Price as Jeeves disappoints me (I haven't watched it all yet). He lacks the imposing figure I expect (perhaps I was just spoiled by Stephen Fry).

And here, below -- thanks to Floyd at Threedonia -- is the trailer for the upcoming Odd Thomas movie. From what I see here, I like it. The kid playing Odd seems to have the right attitude.


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Comments on "Moving pictures. Are they here to stay?":
1. Phil - 05/02/2013 9:47 pm EDT

That's interesting. Do you know anything about the lawsuit involving the Odd Thomas movie?

2. Lars Walker - 05/02/2013 9:57 pm EDT

There's a lawsuit?

3. Bill - 05/03/2013 1:08 am EDT

There's gonna be a lawsuit if you try to equivalence Bertie and the splendid Lord Peter again! [Bill doesn't have the wild at heart emoticon from thinklings here so he just makes a tough guy face at the screen]

4. Phil - 05/03/2013 10:52 pm EDT

Just watched that Wodehouse video. Remarkable. I enjoyed it, though at first I thought they should have stuck more closely to the story.

On the lawsuit, this comes from The Hollywood Reporter: "The producers of Odd Thomas... are suing several entities alleging that they failed to provide $35 million that would have gone toward marketing and distributing the movie and paying back production loans."

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