"Excuse me, but I thought the dream of office automation was a shorter work week? You know, more time for the family? But of course, no one has ever left the office even five minutes early since the introduction of the PC."

- Ephraim Schwartz
Book Lists: Forgotten and Dystopian

For your reading pleasure (or possible displeasure):

10 Great Forgotten Books, such as The Castle of Otranto and the "unnecessarily tedious" Ravenshoe. (via Relief Journal)

15 Works of Dystopian Fiction Everyone Should Read, such as Invitation to a Beheading and The Stars, My Destination.

In other news, a sequel, “It’s A Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story,” is in the works. The story shows Karolyn Grimes, who played Zuzu from the original movie, is an angel who visits George Bailey's irritable cuss of a grandson, named George Bailey, to show him how much better the world would be without him. Grimes says she has seen many scripts for Wonderful Life sequels, and this one actually brings the juice. (via S. Greydanus)



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