"Kind is my love to-day, to-morrow kind, still constant in a wondrous excellence."

- William Shakespeare, Sonnet 105
'Chasing the Storm,' by Martin Molsted

Recently I’ve read a few Scandinavian mysteries, and I’ll review them as I find time. I downloaded this one, Chasing the Storm by Martin Molsted, because it attempts to do something highly counterintuitive – creating a modern Norwegian action hero. Also this hero is named Torgrim Rygg, and Rygg is one of my ancestral names.

The story starts in Hamburg when Rygg – a former soldier in some sort of special force, now working in business and missing the action – witnesses an assassination attempt on a man, and instinctively sets out in pursuit of the assailant. He doesn’t catch him, but the intended victim, a Russian named Marko Marin, is so impressed with his response that (after doing some research on him) he asks him to help him with a dangerous project. This leads to perils and complications, and soon Rygg has happily bid farewell to conventional life and joined forces with Marko, who is a “journalist” of some sort, investigating an international conspiracy connected with the hijacking of a ship in the Baltic.

The whole thing is a little overcooked for my taste – frequent hops from one exotic place to another, danger at every turn… I had trouble believing the characters’ motivations and persistence. Also there are some odd sexual elements, such as Rygg’s cold-blooded seduction of a lonely, middle-aged woman in pursuit of information, and the three-cornered relationship he comes to enjoy with Marko’s beautiful girlfriend, Lena.

Entertaining in a Hollywood action movie sort of way, I found Chasing the Storm good enough for passing the time in the hospital, but nothing I strongly recommend. Cautions for just about everything you imagine.


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Comments on "'Chasing the Storm,' by Martin Molsted":
1. Deborah HH - 02/14/2014 8:37 pm EST

Cautions for just about everything you imagine. I almost always follow your recommendations, but I think I'll give this one a miss, even though I'm crazy about Norwegian special forces. Perhaps next time.

2. Deborah HH - 02/17/2014 8:54 am EST

I just read my comment again and realized how incoherent is sounded. And I'm not taking pain killers!

Hope you are doing well, and that spring comes early, so you won't have to worry about snow and ice underfoot.

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