"The wise screen writer is he who wears his second-best suit, artistically speaking, and doesn’t take things too much to heart."

- Raymond Chandler
I Am Pursuing Freelancing Writing, Editing

Let me write about myself for a minute. For the past several months, I've been pursuing a new line of work and I spent part of that time wondering what that line should be. I'm still looking for work in various ways, but my main thrust this year will be freelance writing and editing.

I am bidding on projects through Elance.com and Writer.ly (some interesting stuff on these site). I haven't gotten to other freelance venues yet, and I like the testing options available through Elance. They verify your skills to a degree. If you have work that could be hired out, you can post a job with Elance and invite me to bid on it. Naturally, I would do my best writing ever, and the project would be more profitable than your wildest dreams, and we would sing each other's praises for months. The regulars at the pub would love us for at least a day. Maybe two! Feel free to look at my Writer.ly profile too. It's still in beta mode, but some people are finding work there.

I am happy to have made new connections with a couple editing services. There are two other organizations who have me on their writing roster also. Of course, there's LinkedIn for general networking. With all of these connections, I am not at all busy. I'd like to try being busy, for a change of pace.

I started this blog in 2004. Lars joined me several months later. Since we're an established lit-blog, we are asked to review various independent books. Every time I agree to receive a book for review, I hope to love it. I usually don't, and I wish I could reply with an offer to edit this already published book. It would be rude to make such an offer, but the need bleeds upon the page. Through these new services, perhaps I can field editing requests from authors who have a good story and need help making it great.


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Comments on "I Am Pursuing Freelancing Writing, Editing":
1. Lars Walker - 03/03/2014 7:06 pm EST

May God prosper your endeavors, and provide richly for you.

2. Ori - 03/04/2014 8:34 am EST

Good luck! Sorry for not offering you work - I don't have any on offer.

3. Loren Eaton - 03/05/2014 11:35 am EST

Congrats and godspeed.

4. Greybeard - 03/05/2014 3:32 pm EST

I remember when I was self employed I used to tell myself that revenues was the best news I could get. Best of fortune doing the write thing.

5. Kevin - 03/24/2014 10:32 am EDT

Phil, i'm looking for a Christian book editor, interested?!

6. Dava - 03/27/2014 12:38 pm EDT

I, too, am a freelance writer in Chattanooga. We should talk sometime. Drop me an email if you like. (It's not that I'm wildly successful and can share the secret to making a mint as a freelancer, but I'll be glad to tell you what little I have learned!)

7. Phil - 03/27/2014 1:23 pm EDT

Thanks, Dava. I will.

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