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Some Say Chivalry is Dead. Blame Revolving Doors.

Theophilus Van Kannel, a Philadelphia-based inventor, hated holding doors open for people, especially wildly good-looking people, and so he gave us the revolving door. People talk about the airflow goodness for large lobbies with revolving doors, but we know what Van Kannel was thinking.

Revolving Door Party at The HiltonAnd on that topic, Sabrina Schaeffer explains, “If You Want Sameness, Don’t Expect Chivalry.”

“Well, our brave new world of gender equality—in which we scoff at gender differences and men and women are encouraged to act the same—often proves harmful to women and girls. While the modern feminist movement won women tremendous freedoms educationally, professionally, personally, and sexually, it often leaves women feeling anything but empowered.”