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A Walk Across the Sun

World Magazine’s Russ Pulliam highlights the new work of author Corban Addison, who crafts a story Pulliam describes as an Uncle Tom’s Cabin for sex trafficking. He says, A Walk Across the Sun “takes Washington lawyer Thomas Clarke to India for pro bono legal work to fight sex trafficking. Clarke’s world intersects with two Indian girls who lose their parents in a tsunami.”

John Grisham, whom I’m told doesn’t do book blurbs, did one for this book. An Amazon reviewer, who gave it five stars, says it’s “not a feel good topic. It is repulsive and hard to read.” But many people are finding it compelling, and it’s certainly relevant. I learned yesterday that a local message parlor had traffick victims enslaved there. Local police shut it down, but apparently lacked the evidence to go further. I believe we know the story because they have that evidence now.