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Honoring Lane and Ebeth Dennis of Crossway

“On behalf of the ECPA, Crossway, and the entire Christian publishing industry, we thank Lane and Ebeth for their faithfulness to God’s Word; their love for the gospel of Jesus Christ; their service to his church; and their commitment to bear witness to God’s truth, beauty, and holiness through their lives and the publishing ministry of Crossway.”

The Evangelical Christian Publishing Association recognized the leaders of Crossway Books, Dr. Lane T. and Mrs. Ebeth Dennis, with a lifetime achievement award. Crossway Books emerged from Good News Publishers in 1979. They are the publishers of the English Standard Version of the Bible and published Frank Peretti back in the 80s. They’re good people, as we say.

Has a ‘Caesar’ Overtaken Your Lord?

From Trevin Wax’s Holy Subversion (new from Crossway):

. . . Christians are turning the world upside down! They are acting against the Caesars of our day.

They are disobeying the Caesar of Success by praying for their competitors, making career choices that put family over finances, and seeking to be above reproach in their business practices.

They are dethroning the Caesar of Money by giving away their possessions and downsizing. . . .