Book Giveaway: Open Drawing for Fantasy Novels

Congratulations! This is your opportunity to win a copy of one of Lars Walker’s three published novels, signed, sealed, and delivered by one of the many Norse gods hard-up for work in modern America. If we can’t contract a god to deliver in your area, we will use the good old-fashioned postal service. Of course, if parcel post was good enough for Leifr Eiricsson when we was on the continent, it’s good enough for us too.

Here are the simple rules to win one of three signed copies of one of Lars’ books. Leave a comment in this thread with your name and email before Saturday, August 26, 11:00 a.m. One comment per participant, please. After the deadline, I’ll number the comments, spin the roulette wheel, and the contact three winners. When I send you an email, I’ll ask for your mailing address.

Tell your friends and send them this way for the chance to win a great fantasy/sci-fi read. If you are new to Brandywine Books, note the links to Lars’ books at the top of our bloogroll on the right.

This is the first of at least two contests at Brandywine Books, and this is the easiest of them. The next contest will require some writing. For now, just comment with your name and email. Thank you for participating, and keep telling your friends about Brandywine Books.

30 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Open Drawing for Fantasy Novels”

  1. Question: It says that the e-mail address I entered in the little box above here “will not be published.” I assume, though, that Phil and Lars can see it. Is that correct?

  2. Yes. I get all the comments in my email at home, and when you put your email address in the field, your comments comes from your address. If you don’t, it comes from a generic address.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s an intelligent comment either.

  3. Any possibility you could remove the one where I broadcast my email address to everyone? (My comments are increasing in intelligence now that the sun is up)

    ed. It’s done.

  4. I’ve really been looking forward to reading some Lars Walker–perhaps this will be my chance to dive in!

  5. I have looked at Lars’ book covers for years, but never bought one. I just found out today that he is a Christian. This has raised my interest level considerably. I will definitely try his books.

  6. A friend directed me here and Norse gods are a favorite of mine. Please add me to the contest.



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