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Brandywine Books began on Blogspot in May 2003. You could feel the gravitas of that history when you first loaded it, couldn’t you? We occasionally bill ourselves as the best lit-blog you aren’t reading, but how could that be since you’re reading it now?

Our posts spring from the minds of Phil Wade and Lars Walker. Phil is a freelance writer and editor, who tweets @Brandywinebooks. Learn more about him on LinkedIn and think about hiring him for your next project.

Lars (rhymes with farce, not cars) is a historical fantasy author with several published books. Those are his novels in righthand menu. Learn about him at larswalker.com.

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    1. I confess, I just read Troll Valley for the 6th time. I do not know how you crammed so much in it but it is a feast and there is new stuff every time. I loved the characters, ALL of them. I loved the spiritual journeys. I loved Jesus lurking in almost every page. I really loved that you brought the old stories about the little people, that all the folk told over time, into context with the order of Creation. This universe is packed tight with stuff that we never behold except out of the corner of our eyes. The Lord is awful big and we have many surprises in store. So… thank you and know that I will be reading your book a few more times. I also loved your Viking sagas. Father Aillil’s faith walk was inspiring. My goodness. Any hoo, I will close by saying… Shane Anderson…what will happen with Shane?

  1. Hi Lars and Phil,

    I am working with New York Times best-selling crime fiction author Archer Mayor. We recently started outreach for his 30th book Bomber’s Moon. Would you be interested in an ebook for review (or I can send a NetGalley link).

    Bomber’s Moon is Archer’s latest entry in the Joe Gunther series and it may just be his best yet.

    Two young women form the heart of this tale. One, an investigative reporter, the other a private investigator. Uneasy allies from completely different walks of life, they work together—around and sometimes against Joe Gunther and his VBI cops—in an attempt to connect the murders of a small town drug dealer, a smart, engaging, fatally flawed thief, and the tangled, political, increasingly dark goings on at a prestigious prep school.

    While Gunther and the VBI set about solving the two murders, Sally Kravitz and Rachel Reiling combine their talents and resources to go where the police cannot, from working undercover at Thorndike Academy, to having clandestine meetings with criminals for their insider’s knowledge of Vermont’s unexpectedly illicit underbelly.

    But there is a third element at work. A malevolent force, the common link in all this death and chaos, is hard at work sowing mayhem to protect its ancient, vicious, very dark roots.

    For more information about Archer, please visit http://www.archermayor.com.

    Please let me know if you’d like a review copy.


    Rebeca Schiller
    Plain Speaking Communications

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