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Memoirs Are the New Fairy Tale

“Here we take fairy tales, magic tales, and wonder tales so seriously. This is the land of magic. I think it’s because overall American culture is still able to dream about a better future, to dream that something better is going to come. It’s part of the American DNA.”

Armando Maggi, professor of Italian literature and a scholar of Renaissance culture, says the American memoir is the new fairy tale.

Sir John Coleville’s Daring Fight Against the Fairies

Loren Eaton and I have collaborated on a fun story using the Legendary Author Battles format given to us by Simon Canton. You can listen to the tale above and get a written version on Simon’s site.

I hope you enjoy it. I had fun writing it in response to the terrific tone Loren set in his parts. Do tell us what you think about it.

You can listen to the other shared storytelling I did in this vein here.