‘Walkin’ in my Winter Underwear’

Why is this the best time of year? Because when I’m reading a long book, as I am now, I can share wonderful musical moments like this in lieu of a review. It’s a precious memory from my childhood, from a kid’s show called “Lunch With Casey,” broadcast in the Twin Cities in the 1960s. I’ve shared it before, but I’m doing it again because I know how much it means to you.

6 thoughts on “‘Walkin’ in my Winter Underwear’”

  1. Flannel lined jeans are an awesome way of avoiding wearing long johns.

    Harder to get a novelty song out of that fashion choice, though.

  2. I stumbled upon this as I was searching for the history of a Danish folk song. Very entertaining! I must share with my students.

  3. I, too, grew up watching Casey Jones and Roundhouse Rodney. Winter Undervare vas vun of da classics. Also on my list of favourites was “I Love Onions” with the hand puppet made by painting lips on thumb and knuckle.

    Was it on Casey Jones I saw the parody of “Your Red Shirt Matches Your Eyes?”
    Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes
    You closed your cover before striking
    Father had the shipfitter blues
    Loving you has made me bananas.

    Or was that Boone and Erickson?

    With the passing of Roger Erickson a month ago, I’m also reminded of their rendition of Ode to Lutefisk.

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