Why Is He Funny?

Delancey Place quotes Groucho Marx on being a comedian.

My guess is that there aren’t a hundred top-flight professional comedians, male and female, in the whole world. They are a much rarer and far more valuable commodity than all the gold and precious stones in the world. But because we are laughed at, I don’t think people understand how essential we are to their sanity. If it weren’t for the brief respite we give the world with our foolishness, the world would see mass suicide in numbers that compare favorably with the death rate of lemmings.

2 thoughts on “Why Is He Funny?”

  1. I’m one of Groucho’s biggest fans, but I think it should be noted that he was a miserable, abusive and self-absorbed man. It wasn’t enough for him to be funny. He needed to feel important.

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