most influential pastor

Most Influential Pastor?

What pastor has most influenced your life?

I take this question from a recent Mortification of Spin podcast. I’d love to read your answer to it, and I think it would be remarkable if we can get good, 21st-century data on this influence. Wouldn’t it be easy to suppose your favorite pastor or minister has most influenced you when in fact it was someone else, someone whose teaching has defined your life more than you recognize? Someone like your youth pastor so many years ago or the minister at the church you visited for a couple years during your stint in Duluth.

To answer the question, my most influencing pastor has to be the founding pastor of the church I’ve been a member of virtually all of my adult life. I can’t quote many of the things he’s said, but I think many of his expressly taught conclusions as well as his approach to Scripture and manner of handling doctrine have shaped me more than anyone else could have.

What about you?

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2 thoughts on “Most Influential Pastor?”

  1. I guess it was the pastor who confirmed me. A very simple man, designed to be a farmer. Humble and patient. The pastor who succeeded him was polemical and contentious, and my two brothers are still rebelling against him.

  2. Mine was/is a pastor from the church I grew up in. He loved God and loved his people well. I saw him love his most bitter critics. He was a man who embodied kindness and I feel like I understand Jesus better having known him.

    When I train biblical communicators, I try to repeadedly point out: the greatest preacher a person will ever know, is their local church pastor.

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