Treason, eh? I Can Handle Treason.

So the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal ran details reports on a government program which spies on the money trail left by suspected terrorists. President Bush called the reports “disgraceful” and harmful to the war on terror. Others have called it treason. I heard the NY Times chief editor (I believe) say the president needs to be restrained, presumably by him.

What do you think? Was it treasonous for the paper to report on this or are they free to do so under the first amendment?

2 thoughts on “Treason, eh? I Can Handle Treason.”

  1. Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose were prosecuted and convicted for treason merely for broadcasting on behalf of the enemy. They did not reveal any state secrets. In my opinion, the two Times did worse than the two ladies.

  2. I wonder what law they were prosecuted under. It may not apply to this case, but I do hope the NYT suffers for running this story and related offenses. I hope the WSJ reforms its newsroom too.

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