8 thoughts on “Garrison Keillor to Open Bookstore in St. Paul”

  1. I wouldn’t go near the place. I’m afraid of Garrison Keillor. He’s very tall and only marginally sane.

    But I’m glad to hear he’s found a rathole to pour his surplus money into.

  2. I thought marginal sanity was a writerly thing. It’s like using a Mac–ethereal, slipping toward a free fall into feeling and self-expression.

    A visit to his store could be interest. Susan Sarandon might be there, or better yet, Carl Castle.

  3. Carl Kasell of NPR. “This is Carl Kasell with today’s news with a Leftward skew.”

    Carl’s the best. The stuff he says with a straight face, man!

  4. Lars Walker v. Garrison Keillor in live steel combat? I’d pay money to see that. Keillor may only be marginally sane, but I don’t think he’s got what it takes to go berserk. Not genuinely berserk, anyway; that takes more than bile and spit. My money is on Lars with shield, helmet, brynje and sword over Gary with a bearskin and sword.

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