Contest Reminder: Three Books at Stake

Hey! Did y’all forget about the current contest? See this post for details on how to win all three of Lars’ fantasy/sci-fi/historical interest/well-written/fun/inspiring novels. You too can have all of them in time for the Halloween gift-giving season. If you have written a post in response to our contest using our trackback URL and you don’t see your post’s URL in the comment thread of the announcement post, feel free to leave a comment with the URL to make sure we know about your post. Anything blogged in September loosely or tightly regarding your summer reading will qualify.

Let me know if you need more time to put something together. Perhaps we can extend the contest through the first week in October.

9 thoughts on “Contest Reminder: Three Books at Stake”

  1. Sherry, I was thinking a couple of your posts would qualify and wondered if you planned to submit them for the contest. You may not have to write anything more.

  2. Okay, Folks, get on the ball, write your list and/or story and get three of Lars’ “fantasy/sci-fi/historical interest/well-written/fun/inspiring novels.” Really good books! Really good writer! The one I “won” kept me up until two in the morning. That doesn’t happen often any more.

    Will post something soon, but with the understanding that since I was a previous “predestined” winner, I will follow Michael’s lead and disqualify myself. 🙁

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