4 thoughts on “The Friday Fight: 2006 Highlights”

  1. Nice compilation. I can be seen in some of the beginning stills, identifiable by the red gambeson worn under my mail. I also show up briefly in a couple clips. This was the Tivoli Festival, in Elk Horn, Iowa, which is coming up again on May 23-24. I hope to be there.

  2. Lars, I thought of you today when I drove through Ulen, MN. They have a sign on the edge of town advertising their Viking Sword Museum. Driving on through town I noted that the museum is next door to the Maranatha AFLC church.

  3. Oh dear. I hope they never invite me to speak there. This is worse than the Kensington Runestone. At least the Runestone looks authentic.

    This is clearly some sort of ceremonial sword or artillery sword, probably 19th Century. Not a Viking sword at all, at all.

    And how odd that the graphic is displayed in an MS Excel file.

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