Pay no attention to me. I’m delirious today.

Still feeling punk. Left work early again, as soon as an assistant was in to watch the library.

I put my (artificial) Christmas tree up over the weekend. It’s in front of one of the big windows at the front of my house, so that you can see it from outside, and it gives the interior a warm glow.

I don’t belong to the “Welcome to St. Nick’s Casino” school of Christmas lighting. I prefer my lights to say, “This is a home full of love” (that mine isn’t a home full of love is beside the point.).

When people pass by I want them to say, “It looks warm and cozy in there. I’d like to be in that house.”

But of course they can’t come in. It’s my house. Mine, mine, mine!

And after all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Talk show hosts Michael Medved and Dennis Prager disagree today on whether freshman congressman Keith Ellison should be permitted to be sworn in on the Koran. Medved says yes, Prager says no.

Since I’m going to be one of Mr. Ellison’s constituents (for my sins), I’ll break the tie.

Medved is right.

There is no religious test for public office in America. If that puts the Koran into an American ceremony, well, I may not like it but I’ll have to live with it.

2 thoughts on “Pay no attention to me. I’m delirious today.”

  1. On the oath comment, I agree; if the presence of a holy book for the oath means something, then it should be the appropriate holy book.

    Lars, you behave in a loving way. That is enough for me, I think, to believe your house is full of love, even if it is constrained by circumstance.

  2. snickering at the “Welcome to St. Nick’s Casino” remark.

    On the oath thing, I’m with you guys: this isn’t 12th c. Castile, but the pluralistic-secular modern America. If Ellison wants to swear his oath of office on the Koran, let him.

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