Impulsive, madcap me

I’ve gone a little nuts in the last two days, and it bothers me a bit. I expect it’s a sign of oncoming dementia.

What I mean is, I spent money on two things that were not absolutely necessary for me to have, and which were not books.

First of all, I replaced my cell phone. I’ve had my old, bare-bones one for several years now, and had been thinking it was time to replace it. My service provider offered a very good deal on a new Nokia. It has a camera, which is cool, though I don’t think I actually have the technology to upload its pictures anywhere. (Remember, I’m paying 10 cents a minute for calls on this thing. How many pictures do I take that are worth a dime?)

Also, it’s got a flip cover. So at long last, I have a Captain Kirk phone. This is extremely satisfying to my inner Sheldon Cooper.

Also, I’ve registered for the Vinland Seminar in Chicago, in October. Because of my acquaintance with some of the organizers, and my long-distance acquaintance with one of the speakers, Prof. Torgrim Titlestad (who did me the honor of mentioning one of my books in a couple of his), I decided I ought to go. It will be an opportunity to rub shoulders with some experts in the field of Viking studies, in particular Prof. Birgitta Wallace, who used to be the chief archaeologist at the Leif Eriksson Dig in Newfoundland. She carries the eternal honor of finding the butternuts. And if you don’t know what that means, you should research it.

Also I have permission to hawk my books there, so maybe I can make back part of my expenses.

Next week, I’ll probably run off to Vegas and get married. I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Impulsive, madcap me”

  1. You can bypass the whole ten-cents-a-picture thing very easily. Your phone probably has a port for a tiny card called a Sandisk Micro SD memory card (mine holds 4 gigabytes, amazing). If you get one of them plus an adapter and a card reader which plugs into the USB port of your computer, then you can upload all your pictures to the computer. It’ll be an initial investment of $30-40, but after that you’ll never pay any photo fees again, unless you pay a photo shop to make any certain pictures into prints.

  2. Living in a remote rural area with no access to broadcast TV, I had never heard of Sheldon Cooper. So, to understand your allusion I googled him and read the Wikipedia entry. He sounded like an intriguing character, so I requested the first season DVD from my local library. Then I read the review of the show and discovered that this intriguing character is stuck in a raunchy show, leading me to go back to the library website and cancel my request. Why does Hollywood have to ruin everything? Or is it bigger than Hollywood? Could it be that the fallen nature of mankind corrupts everything it touches?

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