Reflecting on a Letter by a Lesbian Believer

Double ExposureHunter Baker has blessed Christians on the Internet by posting this letter, “An Astonishing Message from a Gay Sister in Christ” and his personal response. I feel provoked to share my reflections also.

“She sees herself as a sinner and reaches for the bracing, redemptive, and cleansing blood of Christ rather than the lukewarm saliva of evolving culture.” She is like I am, though the labels differ.

Let me come out of the closet. I am an idolater.

I believe I have an idolatrous orientation. At one time in my life, I would have said one cannot be a true follower of Christ and an idolater, but I see that I am one. I was born this way. I have followed Christ since age seven, but as I became an adult, I realized I made and loved idols regularly. I worshiped (never in church–wait, I don’t think I can say that) myself, my dreams, the attention of others, my books, my relative grades, and other things over the Lord God who made me and rules heaven and earth. I have confessed of this sin, felt free of it, and returned to it within the course of a week.

Many people like me have tried to change the church to accommodate them and succeeded. Some have changed entire denominations. But I don’t want accommodation. I want redemption.

On this day, when we remember the death of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, I want to take shelter in His bloody side. I can’t change myself.

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