Game of Thrones Has a Lot of Sex

I have slightly regretted posting a link to the episode map for Game of Thrones a few weeks ago. I must have forgotten what little I knew about the stories at the time. Since then, I have seen some plot synopsizes and other talk of it. I can’t say I want to see it or read Martin’s series.

Game of Thrones Season 2

Patheos has a brief review of both the shows and the novels, asking the writers to talk about how sex is handled. They say they saw a glorification of rape, no love anywhere, and a curiously distant feminism. Alan Noble writes, “In that a major theme of the series is human depravity, cruelty, and brokenness, it is appropriate that one of the most sacred and beautiful experiences in life should be depraved, cruel, and broken.”

I don’t have time for that.

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  1. Although I’ve made my opinion about the Game of Thrones business known already, I think your posting of the map was perfectly within the scope of this blog. I didn’t see it as an endorsement.

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