Does the Poe Figure Come with a Knife?

Stefanie of So Many Books has photos of her latest purchases, including a Jane Austen action figure. This is crazy. Action figures? I wonder how many there are or if an author can commission his own figure. I can think of possibilities:

  • Hawthorne would come dressed in black with a scarlet “A.”
  • Meville would have a spyglass and seaman attire.
  • Samuel Johnson would come with Boswell.
  • G.K. Chesterton would be heavier, though not larger, than any other figure and never remain where you leave him overnight.
  • Lewis might come with a wardrobe.
  • Tolkien would have an ornamental waistcoat, a pipe, and short sword.
  • Walt Whitman would be the most interactive of the figures with his growing hair.

No one would buy them, of course.

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