Eve Through the Eyes of Young

The author of The Shack, William Paul Young, has a new novel on creation. Ann Byle interviews Young on what responses he expects to receive.

Some might argue that you are recasting Scripture from a more feminine perspective.

Yes, some might argue and others will likely insist, but I reject the notion. I am not trying to recast the Scriptures from a more feminine perspective. I am doing something much more sinister than that. I am recasting Scripture from a more “human” perspective. How sad is it that any conversation about the emergence of true humanity in the world, which includes submission, generosity, kindness, strength, integrity etc., is seen as a feminist conversation?

2 thoughts on “Eve Through the Eyes of Young”

  1. I am recasting Scripture from a more “human” perspective
    This is definitely a dangerous undertaking – attempting to re-cast a book about divinity to be about humanity. I sounds to me like the age old goal of humanism (and several other heresies), to make man divine.

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