For your Spectation

I have a piece in The American Spectator Online today:

The liberals’ moral GPS tells them that their present location is right outside the gates of Eden. They’re still wearing their fig leaf aprons (they believe) and just a couple steps back in the right direction will return them to Paradise. How could anyone be against that?

In their view, the problem is simple, like a crossword puzzle. Fill in all the spaces correctly, and Paradise is regained. The fact that the goal is never achieved in practice, that more and more spaces keep appearing, needing new laws written to fill them, does not trouble them. Next time it will be different. We’re almost there. We can see Eden from our front porches.

Read it all here.

3 thoughts on “For your Spectation”

  1. That’s good. I want to extend your point into the area of self-perpetuating blindness or what goes around comes around, but I’m not sure what dots to connect between the two. Liberals want us all to be good people, but they can’t define goodness in any meaningful way. They may say goodness is avoiding harm, but they selectively endorse abusive behavior and abusively deride anything that smacks of prudishness. In the case of your article, they tell a would-be shooter to be nice, but when he starts shooting anyway, they don’t have any other ideas than to plead with him to be nice (and blame others for inciting him to violence). It seems we see this blind leading the blind routine over and over.

    But I guess you said as much.

  2. A Facebook friend today quoted a conversation between 2 people I don’t know. One of them asks why everybody on Star Trek TNG acts like a Christian, but they never profess Christianity. The other replies that they’ve internalized Christian ethics so far that they don’t realize there are other ways to think and act.

    1. He’s going to have to build a case for Star Trek TNG characters acting like Christians. The second episode, as I recall, was one of those everyone-sleeping-around storylines due to a virus or something that loosened all morals. It was stupid.

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