6 thoughts on “Beautiful Tea”

  1. Uh, if u can’t quite follow what Dale was driving at, then… well, u r gay. Literally.

    At any rate… the tea promo was nice, nothing more. Lipton should be able to come up with something slick. If its like their bottled green tea (looks like the same flavorings) that has the same taste as Sobe’s, well… In so many words, it tastes like ass, or more delicately put that sweet, mediciney taste that is nothing like real green tea.

    The fact that the Power of The Pyramid is harnessed to disperse the colloidal suspension of the tea blend is commendable however, as there is always an outside chance that drinking enough of the stuff will confer special paranormal abilities.

  2. can’t say there are many statements in which my name and “not helpful” wouldn’t be used together…

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