Angst and the Anti-angst

Did Lars review of The Last Detective leave you cold? Did you start questioning his loyalties? Could he have been paid off by Crais or Crais’ evil publisher (doesn’t matter who it is b/c all of them are e.v.i.l. money-grubbing capitalists)? If so, perhaps you agree with Lynne Scanlon, who says, The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Book Reviewers. She raises several good angst-ridden points, but I plan to continue taking my life in my hands by reviewing the books I read. I’m sure Lars will too. We’re building trust here at Brandywine Books–trust you can bank on.

Which leads me to wonder if we should set up one of those Amazon Associate accounts or a recommendations page. Tip jar, maybe. Advertising. Hmmm.

2 thoughts on “Angst and the Anti-angst”

  1. I want to send Lars Walker an e-mail about Columbus. He should sit safely when he reads it, because it is about the old question ‘Who was Columbus really?’ Lars might be kindred to him…

    Can someone ask him to e-mail me someting?

    With kindest regards Michael Koch

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