Good Friday

It almost seems sacrilegious to say that this Good Friday (a name that’s purposely paradoxical), is a particularly good Friday for me. But so it is. This is the day of my manumission, the day my chains were loosed. I uploaded my completed capstone project today. Assuming I don’t fail (which is always possible, if unlikely), I’m done with graduate school forever.

If anybody wants me to get a doctorate, they can get me an honorary one.

Now comes the uneasy transition to civilian life. Today I mostly vegged out on the sofa, still feeling the vague guilt any graduate student always feels, when they’re not doing school work.

Well, it wouldn’t do to celebrate too much, on Good Friday.

Speaking of which, Michael Card:

3 thoughts on “Good Friday”

  1. It’s after Easter and I’m just now reading this. Great thoughts, and congratulations upon meeting this milestone. Card really spoke to me in his early project Known By the Scars. The title song is so powerful and convicting, Come to the Table vividly depicts the Last Supper. Why Did It Have to Be a Friend? is also very compelling.

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