Not neutral

Over the weekend, one person I don’t approve of killed a lot of other people I don’t approve of.

That doesn’t make me happy.

The reasons for my disapproval of the groups are beside the point at a time like this. People are grieving. Real human beings have lost their lives, or been crippled or maimed for life. To talk doctrine just now would be un-Christlike.

But I’m angry nonetheless. I’m angry because further lives have been lost to the worthless, statist institution of the Gun Free Zone.

Orlando isn’t a case of equal and opposite evils. The moment any person takes it upon himself to murder defenseless people, he automatically becomes the Greater Evil. Decent people will all side against him. I hope.

Some of my Facebook friends have been posting graphics supporting a group called “Pink Pistols.” Its purpose, I gather, is to encourage members of the homosexual community to take responsibility for their own safety through arming themselves.

That’s one “gay” initiative I can support wholeheartedly.

I take it as a given that one of the threats this group was originally organized to counter was the threat of people like me. Conservative Christians. Well, you know what? If some conservative “Christian” actually decides he’s got special license from God to murder people because he disapproves of their sins, he deserves the pink bullet he’ll get for it. Let him explain to Jesus how he justifies flouting the greatest commandment for the sake of a lesser commandment.

Meanwhile, may God have mercy.

4 thoughts on “Not neutral”

  1. I quite agree that self-described “Christians” who treat homosexuals (or really, anyone whose “lifestyle” they disagree with) in a manner consistent with Sharia Law are probably not Christians at all. One does not have to approve of folks’ sin to treat them as one would wish to be treated. And one does not have license to “punish” others for their favorite sins, any more than others have license, in and of themselves, to punish us for ours. . .

  2. Well said, Lars. You know my synod disagrees with the LGBT lifestyle, but none the less they are God’s children and deserve our love.

    When we look at Lukes where he talks about the sinful woman and the pharisees we see that we all have a sin debt we can’t repay. That doesn’t excuse us to a sinful life, but tells us that all are eligible for redemption.

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