Elegy for a tree

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The most impressive thing about my property is now gone. Fortunately I’m not talking about my house.

I had a great big tree, a pine or some kind of fir, at the back of my lot, in a space between my garage, my neighbor’s fence, and my retaining wall. It was very tall and wide. It was even older than I am. My neighbor on the downhill side told me the previous owner had planted it just after World War II, when he got back from the service.

Unfortunately, it had utility lines running through it, and that same neighbor asked me, as a personal favor, to get it taken out. So I found a guy who’d do it for a reasonable price, and his crew finally made it here late this morning, and set to work with chain saws, climbing gear, and a chipper.

It took them several hours, but they finally left some time after 5:00 p.m. I didn’t actually realize they were gone. I thought they’d knock on the door and give me a bill when they’d finished, but they just made like a tree and leaved (the owner called later to make arrangements for me to pay him. Trusting fellow). I stepped out onto the back porch, and nobody was there. Except there was a pile of mulch about the size of a Volkswagen piled in my uphill neighbors’ driveway.

I had a moment of panic there, but the neighbors, when I went over to inquire, told me they’d asked the tree guys to leave it for them. Free mulch for their gardening endeavors. Blocking their garage, at the moment.

So my great tree’s story is told. It is gone like the summers of my youth, leaving a lonesome place against the sky (points for anyone who can identify that reference).

5 thoughts on “Elegy for a tree”

  1. You should call your utilities provider. Our local utility will trim or remove trees that could potentially disrupt service. Mine just saved me $1500, which I wound up needing for car repairs.

  2. I wish I knew that reference. My guess is Robert Frost, but I suppose anyone could write about trees. There’s a tree in my front yard that I’d like to take down, because it’s a weed (Box Elder), but it doesn’t look bad, and I’d like to replace it with something nice. That and money have prevented me from acting on it.

  3. Now you a nice wide open back yard where you can plant a young oak or maple and have a picnic. Ten to twenty years from now or even sooner your tree will be beautiful addition to the neighborhood.

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