5 thoughts on “Friday Fight: In Indiana Land”

  1. How To Tell If You’re In a Viking Saga:

    You have started a bloody multi-generational feud by stealing cheese.

    You have gone away to Constantinople and left your dashing blond brother to manage all your property. You are confident nothing can go wrong.

    Everyone around you is named Thorolf, except for Thorstein Cod-Biter, who lives over in the next valley. Many say he is part-troll. But they have learnt not to say it to his face.

    The current feud in which you are embroiled seems likely to be resolved by prodding a blindfolded horse off a cliff with poles. This horse is known for its malice.

    You have a very muted reaction to losing your limbs.

    As the house burns down around you, your elderly father reflects that fostering his enemy’s son was probably a mistake.

    Your survival hinges on the arrangement of poorly-maintained paths through a remote swamp. You will not survive.


  2. Curious. I just read a book called Viking’s Dawn by Henry Greece. It’s children’s or young adult fiction, written by a Brit, published in 1955. Have you read it, or its two sequels, and if so, what did you think? You’re my expert on all things Viking.

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