2 thoughts on “Meet me over at AmSpec”

  1. I am a regular reader of the American Spectator

    site. I am also a lawyer and ELCA Lutheran. Just loved your first “letter” and think your second “letter” is even better. Been sending it out to friends.

    I assume the choice of “Hansen” as Archbishop is no coincidence in that ELCA Bishop is Hansen.

    These “letters” are both “great fun” and deeply profound. Keep them coming. These letters are very perceptive about the drift of Protestantism

    today with its multiculturalism, relatism and feminism. Especially like the unique perspective of a post Islamic theocratic revolution in U.S. Very provocative and insightful.

    Steve Heine

    Cambridge, Ohio

  2. Thanks for the response. Nice to hear from someone who “gets it.”

    The Hansen thing is actually a coincidence. I created the character of Rev. Judith Hardanger-Hansen some time before the ELCA even existed.

    I plan to write at least one more Pastoral Letter.

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