Silence: A Difficult, Important Film

John Murdock talks about beautiful, but problematic the movie Silence is. It isn’t a success story. The power of believing doesn’t end the war. It ends on a note that will need explanation for many viewers.

In an age of ISIS brutality, its themes are sadly relevant today, and it opens a window on a period in church history of which too few are aware. It is not a perfect picture, but those who proclaim it a masterpiece have reason to do so.

2 thoughts on “Silence: A Difficult, Important Film”

  1. A simple answer would be that they are the stories their writers and directors want to tell. I don’t think Hacksaw Ridge is sad, and I’m told it’s a good Christian film. I want to see both of these films.

    But you’re right. Why haven’t they made a movie out of God Ain’t Dead 6: Revenge of Nietzsche? That would be either unsad or unstupid and possibly both!

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