Enchanting Nancy

Marly Youmans has three evocative poems on Education & Culture today. I find “Nancy at the River” enchanting in the way of missing someone whom you have deeply loved, though this was perhaps not quite that. Though the subject may have been delighted in, she may not have been deeply loved. But perhaps I’m being overly relative.

all is mystery, so pure/ And secret like a mythic flower bride
Who fades and blooms, or like a poem rhymed/ With unknown words that aren’t yet ever were

Youmans blogs here. (via Prufrock News)

One thought on “Enchanting Nancy”

  1. Thanks! Much appreciated.

    Nancy is Nancy Potts Coward of western North Carolina. I dedicated “Catherwood” to her. She was the teacher at Cullowhee High School who told me she would see and read my books some day. And she came to my WNC readings, even after she had to move to a retirement home. The last reading she saw was one with me and Nathan Ballingrud at Malaprop’s in Asheville. She still means much to me. Always will.

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