R.I.P. ‘Threedonia’

For the past 12 years (nearly), one of my constant resorts on the internet has been the Threedonia blog (no point linking to it; it would do you no good).

Threedonia began as a spin-off of the old Dirty Harry’s Place movie blog, run by John Nolte. Three guys originally ran Threedonia, though after a while the roll was reduced to one, or one-and-a-half. Like so many blogs, the years had reduced its readership, but it remained a pleasant, cantankerous Christian entertainment blog, frequented by a small group of regular commenters, of whom I was one.

That’s all over now. Last week malicious Japanese hackers broke in and destroyed it. The administrator tells me he doesn’t have the time or the money to rebuild it.

Farewell, “Floyd” and “Rufus” and all Threedonians. It was fun while it lasted.

May the hackers’ evil rebound onto their own heads.

10 thoughts on “R.I.P. ‘Threedonia’”

  1. Lars! et al! (Raoul, Loyal Goatherd, Phil W)

    Thanks for the requiem, Lars. That was very thoughtful. If the site had to die I’m glad it was Japanese hackers that took us down.

    Although I stopped posting and commenting there awhile ago I still read the site regularly and enjoyed reading your thoughts. Like all of you, I have missed it. I will be sure to come to your Brandywine page more often.

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