The Friday Fight: Florentine

Will McLean writes: “Florentine was first used as a term for a weapon style within the Society for Creative Anachronism circa A.S.2 (1970 AD) to describe a fighting style involving the use of two pounds of spinach and a pair of salad forks. Later the spinach was either discarded or eaten (feasts often started late in those days) and the term came to denote any two-weapon style, or, alternatively ‘what medieval knights would have called fighting in tournaments with two weapons at once if they had ever done such a thing, which they didn’t.’ The style is sometimes referred to as ‘Too many swords.'”

For those interested in fighting with too many swords, Lukrain offers a number tips.

4 thoughts on “The Friday Fight: Florentine”

  1. It has the advantage of giving greater freedom of movement, as well as two spheres of attack. However, the average guy isn’t ambidextrous, and blocking with a weapon isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies. Also it’s dangerous to your (very expensive) blade.

  2. Yeah, Lukrain isn’t thinking of the viking context, but he recommended when fighting like this a defensive dagger with a larger than normal guard for parrying.

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