Trailer fever. Like trench foot, but more fun!

I’ve been getting a fair amount of link love for the West Oversea trailer recently. I hope I’m not forgetting somebody in this list… Probably am.

Sam Karnick at the American Culture linked it here.

“Floyd” at Threedonia linked here (link defunct).

Pastor Paul T. McCain of Concordia Publishing gave me this (link defunct).

And just today, Rachel Motte posted it at Evangelical Outpost (link defunct).

Thanks to all. If I’ve overlooked you, let me know and I’ll remedy the situation.

By the way, if you’d like to link it yourself, here’s another option at Blazing Trailers. It has the advantage of including an ordering link (also defunct).

In other news, commenter Nigel Ray posted a comment on my “Apologetic of Story” post, which merits a promotion to the top of the page.

I had a similar experience. I was raised to be a rational atheist, with the philosophy that truth had to be sought in the world. Evil was explained as mistakes that people made, that they could be educated out of. But the older I got, the more evil I saw, until I couldn’t accept that, and had to switch to nihilism and the idea that the world simply was meaningless and thus evil.

But reality occasionally showed me actual goodness, as well, and in a evil world there would be no goodness (hence the argument that everything is really done for selfish reasons, for example). And so I was troubled.

And then I saw an X-files episode where a character, trying to defend himself against the charge that he was selfish, said, “I have love in my heart!” And the reply given him was, “you have love like a thief has money.” And I realized that the love I saw in the world must come from outside it, and this led me to Christ, who reconciles the contradiction of an obviously evil world that yet contains love.

I’m always excited and gratified when authors show up themselves to comment on our reviews of their books. We just got a comment from Jeffrey Overstreet on my review of Auralia’s Colors. I fear he wasn’t entirely happy with what he found here, but it was nice to have a visit from him anyway.

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