Are Anchormen Worth Watching?

Take a look at this culture shock from 1954. It’s Camel News Caravan, brought to you by the makers of Camel cigarettes–so mild and smooth.

This video came to my attention while reading Frank Rich’s article on whether the TV news anchorman is a relevant job anymore. Though anchormen are popular, he cites “60 Minutes” as a successful news program without a steady anchor.

Alex Carp chips in. “What is going to come back, in my view, is the importance of sector expertise, on-scene reporting, and enterprise journalism. I saw a poster in Times Square the other day for the new season of HBO’s Vice magazine show. You know what the tagline is? ‘We go there.’ It’s a sad day when a newsmagazine can use ‘we go there’ as a distinctive selling point.”

2 thoughts on “Are Anchormen Worth Watching?”

  1. I noted when I was in a another country for awhile that they always referred to the anchor as the news reader. Reporters wrote the stories, but the on-air personality was merely the reader. I thought that was much more accurate than calling him an Anchor.

  2. The article says the term anchorman came from a game show with a panel of celebrities. The one man who was on the panel almost all the time was their anchorman.

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