Is Wolf Time coming?

Wolf Time

I’m very gratified that the good folks over at Grim’s Hall, one of my favorite blogs, have decided to host a multi-part discussion of my novel Wolf Time. It’s been a long time since I wrote that book, but there are some who think it holds up, and even has things to say today. Parts of it, I like to think, are prescient.

Here’s the first post in the discussion.

And here’s the second.

And here’s video of Sen. Bernie Sanders essentially arguing for at least a part of the Definition of Religion Act, a major plot element in Wolf Time.

4 thoughts on “Is Wolf Time coming?”

  1. I feel the need to apologize for my co-religionist. I know, he’s actually a devout follower of the felspel(1) of Marx, but unfortunately that doesn’t make him not a Jew.

    (1) Like gospel, except it is BAD news

  2. Wolf Time is one of my favorite books of yours. I read it last year and was shocked to see that it was a decade and a half old. It reads like it was written in yesterday.

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