Troll Valley reviewed at Evangelical Outpost

And in all our excitement over Hailstone Mountain, let’s not forget Troll Valley. David Nilsen posted a flattering review today at Evangelical Outpost. Part of that is due to Walker’s writing ability. He spends a good chunk of the first third of the book describing life and work on a farm in Minnesota, including extended … Continue reading Troll Valley reviewed at Evangelical Outpost

Syttende Mai in Troll Valley

A postcard (“Yes, we love this land!”) promoting the 1905 independence referendum in Norway. What could be more appropriate, as a commemoration of Syttende Mai, Norway’s glorious Constitution Day, than to publish a short excerpt from a classic work of Norwegian-American literature? I refer, of course, to Troll Valley by Lars Walker, which you can … Continue reading Syttende Mai in Troll Valley

Snippet Five, Troll Valley

The “Old Stone Church,” Kenyon, Minnesota. Photo: Lars Walker. [The book is coming out soon. I promise. We’re that close. ljw] THE PRESENT “What the—what kind of crap is this?” Shane demanded. “ʽCrap’ is an interesting word,” said Robert Swallowtail. “Very marginal. I might have to use the soap on you, just to be prudent.” … Continue reading Snippet Five, Troll Valley

‘Desires and Dreams and Powers,’ by Rosamund Hodge

During the later part of the war, the government issued a pamphlet on how to recognize changelings. Violet read it (a green tinge of the features; propensity to cruelty) and laughed. The real signs had been far more pervasive, far less clear. Sometimes she thought she had only realized she wasn’t human when she was … Continue reading ‘Desires and Dreams and Powers,’ by Rosamund Hodge

Two TV shows about one-armed men

The most famous one-armed man in television history is, of course, the murderer hunted by Dr. Richard Kimball on The Fugitive. But I don’t have him in mind in this post. I never actually watched The Fugitive much. But I have fond memories of two television series from my childhood, each of whose main characters … Continue reading Two TV shows about one-armed men