"Would it promote the peace of the community, or the stability of the government to have half a dozen men who had had credit enough to be raised to the seat of the supreme magistracy, wandering among the people like discontented ghosts, and sighing for a place which they were destined never more to possess?"

- Alexander Hamilton, speaking of ex-presidents
Why Do Americans Drink Coffee?

Because Americans believe in beverage liberty.

Gracy Olmstead writes about American coffee-drinking habits, noting that some drink what they drink as a status symbol. My $5 cafe is better than your pitiful homebrew, or words to that effect. One cultural observer says we have taken to coffee like fans of sports, picking a favorite team and arguing with others over brand names and techniques.

She also links to an article on putting butter in your coffee: "You might find it in Singapore, too, where coffee beans (usually of a lower quality) are stir-fried with butter in a wok before being strained through a filter into your cup. These morning drinks are said to provide energy throughout your day, and the same was touted about the butter coffee I was about to order — something that will not only rev up my body and mind, but keep me full all morning."

People, I tell you. If I see someone put low-fat butter in their coffee as a way to hold to some kind of diet, I may not be able to restrain myself.


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Comments on "Why Do Americans Drink Coffee?":
1. Respectabiggle - 03/27/2014 7:48 pm EDT

Nope - Full-fat butter, like Kerry Gold UNsalted, plus coconut oil. I was skeptical, too, but it's a great breakfast all by itself. Gobs of protein and calories, plus the magic of caffeine.

I know I'm probably proving your thesis by my advocacy, but it really is better thing than you'd think.

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